Hard skills vs soft skills


In last weeks lecture, Gunnar touched upon the topic of hard and soft skills. As many already realized, the demand for soft skills have increased and started to outweigh hard skills in recruitment.

There is a really interesting speech by Gary Vaynerchuk called “Why you might need to fire your most talented employee” that tends to pop up in social media every now and then.
In my experience, hard skills can be taught and are usually taught in a quite a short timespan. Changing someone’s behaviour on the other hand is a much more challenging process and poor behaviour could have severe consequences within organizations. IT is teamwork, it’s the everyday interaction between team members that enable us to move forward.

As leaders, we need to make tough decisions, have uncomfortable discussions and be clear in our expectations of the staff to build the right culture in our work environment. In addition, it’s equally important to listen to your employees and to find out what motivates them.