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Zombie projects and how to kill them

It’s the last week of the course “Strategies, benefits and alignment” but also it’s about time for Halloween! In celebration of this spooky festivity I found an interesting post about zombie projects (project that won’t end, are impossible to kill and drains all the energy of the organization) at girlsguidetopm.com. We’ve all seen these projects […]


An agile framework to assign resources

Last week I wrote a short paragraph about how the organization I examined for the written assignment used an agile framework to allocate resources from their line organization to projects. The organization had implemented a framework based upon the book “Agil Organisering med Pulse” (Agile Organization with Pulse). Though I didn’t have the time to […]


Quote of the week

Agile in concept is the antithesis of a sweatshop. It’s a kind of management that can enable talent to bring their smarts, empathy, and ingenuity to the workplace. Whatever this kind of management is called—and some firms prefer to use a label other than “Agile”—it isn’t just a new management process. It’s a fundamentally different […]