An agile framework to assign resources


Last week I wrote a short paragraph about how the organization I examined for the written assignment used an agile framework to allocate resources from their line organization to projects. The organization had implemented a framework based upon the book “Agil Organisering med Pulse” (Agile Organization with Pulse). Though I didn’t have the time to witness one of their pulse meetings, the concept seemed to work pretty good in the department where it was implemented.

The first week of every month, project managers could request resources from the line. The project were then prioritized based on criteria that were never really revealed to me; I assume the basis was intangible and agreed upon on during each monthly meeting.
The work packages were not allowed to be bigger then 40 man hours and were usually said to be around 8-24 work hours. In addition, the project managers were not allowed to request individuals only the amount of resources and the specific skillsets they needed. Once the meeting was held, line managers went back to perform their internal monthly planning.
Each week a short meeting was held where line managers allocated their available resources to the planed work packages of the following week. Since the projects were prioritized the available resources were assigned accordingly. When a common capability was needed in multiple projects they tried to balance the resources pool in such a way that most project (usually all project) received their requested resources.

Using this framework, the organization had increased their productivity by utilizing the full capacity and capability of the department where the framework was implemented. It also illustrated when the organization had executed to many project simultaneity as some projects were not assigned the required resources.


  • Ulla Sebestyén. (2017). Agil Organisering med Puls – Dynamik på osäkerhetens arena. Rönninge: Parmatur HB.
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