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Agile in concept is the antithesis of a sweatshop. It’s a kind of management that can enable talent to bring their smarts, empathy, and ingenuity to the workplace. Whatever this kind of management is called—and some firms prefer to use a label other than “Agile”—it isn’t just a new management process. It’s a fundamentally different way of running an organization, even, according to McKinsey, “a change the fundamental DNA of an organization.” It’s a way of coping with rapid massive change in a way that bureaucracy can’t.

This is a quote from a post published by Steve Denning at forbes.com. In his post he writes about how companies fake being agile when in reality they are quite the opposite. Steve also references the agile mindset vs. the bureaucratic mindset that clearly illustrates how different cultures view goals, how work get done and they see organizational structures.

The post can be found here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2019/08/18/another-form-of-fake-agile-the-agile-sweatshop/#30abfda84cd7

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