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Today is Saturday and I’m happy to say that the written assignment is more or less complete. Throughout the course I’ve had a few topics that keep on coming back in my mind. Today, I’ve been thinking about organizational culture and it’s connection to the successful delivery upon goals. I’ve already written a post about the importance of a clear, unambiguous vision and mission statement but this does not guarantee a successful culture change.

To be honest, I’m not sure how this culture is built but I’m pretty sure it’s best performed using dialog, not documents, and local resources acting as role models for the organization. In my literature review for the written assignment I find it pleasing that the value driven culture is given such focus in the books, papers and frameworks I’ve studied. The BRM framework is said to echo the organization’s value-oriented mindset, ITIL focuses on value from a customer perspective, papers have suggested that companies need to redefine what a project success means in order to secure organizational benefits rather then the fulfilment of a particular benefit.

Got any idea on how to build this culture? Please let me know!

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