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Today is Sunday which means that it’s time for yet another weekly summery. This has been quite a good week – professionally and as a student – and I’ve managed to get a lot of things done and made some really interesting discoveries. The podcast from Projectified™ that was included in last weeks material raised some interesting questions for me. I’ve had some discussions on the topic with a personal friend of mine who works within HR in the IT industry. It would be entreating to read more about how todays recruiters manage these challenges and the future of our industry.

I’ve held my first interview for the written assignment of the course this week, I’ve also managed to collect a few of the official documents from the organization. By studying these documents it’s already clear that there are discrepancies between the strategic goals of the organization and the goals pursued within the organization. I’ll follow up on this with an secondary interview once I’ve gone through all the documents.

This weeks lecture was interesting. I wish I had the possibility to join the live lectures but I’m restricted by my responsibilities at work to do so. There were some really interesting discussions between Gunnar and the students which I’ve covered in the previous posts this week. It’s frustrating to listen to the recorded lecture when discussions are held without being able to join in or ask complementary questions.

I stumbled upon an interesting report from Forbes this week. The report is called “Delivering value to today’s digital enterprise – the state of IT service management”. You can find it at https://www.bmc.com/content/dam/bmc/migration/pdf/Delivering-Value-to-Today%27s-Digital-Enterprise-FINAL.pdf.

Next week I’ll be hosting a workshop at work, it will probably turn out to be a quite hectic week but I’ll be staying at a hotel which means that I get the spend the evenings with my books.

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