Core principels of BRM


Today is Saturday and I’m trying to finish up this weeks study,
unfortunately life is getting in the way and to be honest, this have been the case for the entire week. On the positive side, I’ve managed to study the initial chapters of the standard for benefit realization management with a focus on the core principals of BRM.

These core principles should be considered common sense in any organization but to be fair, this is likely not the case. I believe it’s important for organization to utilize a framework and to articulate the guidelines or principles needed to support this; providing them the references to keep within.

The core principles of BRM are:

  • Net benefits justify the use of invested resources
  • Commencement of work is driven by benefits identification
  • Planed benefits are identified in authorizing documents
  • Benefits realization is holistically planned and managed
  • Governance and adequate resources are essential to BRM success

According to me the most interesting principle is the fourth – Benefits realization is holistically planned and managed. Though, this principle is probably aimed at larger companies and organizations it’s the first time I thought about IT projects from a strategic view.

What do you think? Got a favourite principle of BRM? Please leave a comment.

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