My first step towards a masters degree


Today, I took my first step towards my masters degree at Stockholm University. I watched the program introduction held by Gunnar Wettergren while visiting the beautiful Haga Castle in Enköping, Sweden. It’s clear that the next two years will be valuable and rewarding but also challenging and highly demanding; part time studies combined with maintaining a carer, family and relationships will surely prove to be quite the challenge.

It’s clear that the class is a very diverse composition of students with different cultural and professional backgrounds. Hopefully this will lead to fruitful discussions and exchanges of experiences.

My first reflection is related to a statement made by Gunnar during the program introduction; in short Gunnar stated that today, IT is a central part of organizations and aligned to the strategy of the organization. While I wish this to be true, my personal experience tells me this is not yet a reality. Many organizations, especially publicly founded organizations, still view IT as a support function – a cost that should be kept to a minimum – left without control or alignment to the business strategy. My first reflection is: How do we change this? I can’t answer this question today but hopefully, within two years, this question has been answered.

Do you have personal experience of poor alignment between IT and business strategy? Any suggestions on how to influence senior management? Please, leave a comment and share you experience.

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