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Hi, and welcome to my personal blog. My name is David Birath and I work as a section manager within IT Service Operations. During my spare time I study a masters program in IT Project Management at Stockholm University, Sweden. The intent of my studies is to broaden my managerial skills and gain a strategic perspective on IT-management.

Here, I post personal reflections, insights and highlights from my journey towards a masters degree. The blog is initially a part of a specific course assignment but will hopefully endure during the course of the program, evolving to also include my personal experience of IT Project Management and IT Service Management.

I studied Software Engineering and Management at Gothenburg University (IT-university of Gothenburg) between 2005 and 2008. Since then I’ve worked within different government agencies as well as a consultant in the defence industry.

I hope you wish to follow my journey for the next few years and if you have any comments, remarks or feedback – please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you!


  • Blog posts

    Entries about IT Project Management, IT Service Management and leadership – primarily personal thoughts and reflections accumulated during my masters program at Stockholm University.

  • Curriculum Vitae

    A brief summery of a my education, qualifications, and previous occupations.


Quote of the week

In order to apply Benefits realisation Management in support…
October 15, 2019/by David Birath

An intressting article on sucessfull ITIL implementations

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Handling capabilities in a hierarchical organization

As I previously stated, I'm employed by the Swedish Armed Forces;…
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Alignment of ITSM

Today I reopened the report "Delivering value to todays digital…
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A generic maturity model for processes

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Status update on the written assignement

Today, I managed to have a short interview with one of the process…
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Tips for project managers

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Weekly summery

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Benefits Realization Management vs. Service Strategy

This week is almost over and the introduction to the written…
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Quote of the week

The findings of this research conclude that categorization systems…
October 2, 2019/by David Birath

Mission-type tactics – A project management approach

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Portfolios, programs and projects

Monday evening and another week of studies have begun. Last weeks…
September 30, 2019/by David Birath